1. Be prompt for class. Any student who arrives in class more than 10 minutes after the class has started may be asked to observe that class.
2. Be dressed properly for class. Hair must be properly secured away from face and neck. Proper attire and dance shoes are the only acceptable attire. Watches, necklaces and bracelets must be removed before entering the classroom (small earrings are acceptable). Tap and aerobic shoes in Room "B" only. PLEASE, NO STREET SHOES IN STUDIO ROOMS.
3. Be warmed-up and ready to dance when class begins.
4. Be attentive and respectful to instructors. Any student who is repeatedly disruptive may be asked to leave the class for a time-out. A parent-student-teacher conference may be arranged, if necessary.
5. Be courteous and polite to fellow students. We encourage students to treat each other as they would like to be treated.
6. Leave gum, food and drink outside the classroom. Water bottles are acceptable. Please dispose of trash in trash cans.
7. Use the restroom before entering class. Parents of young children kindly take the children to use the restroom prior to the start of class.
8. Show respect for the facility and classroom equipment. Classroom equipment includes the Barres, mirrors, corkboard, and any props or costumes that may be in the area. The facility includes the entire building and grounds. To protect flooring, no street shoes are allowed in the studios. The classroom is a learning environment.


All students will be placed into levels by ability then age. Advancement is decided by faculty evaluation during the year. Students may stay in one level for several years, depending on the number of classes taken, personal progress and age. Please do not compare dancers. Students progress at their own individual speed.


Parents must observe from the waiting area. (With the exception of first time Creative Movement dancers). Unless an emergency occurs, please do not interrupt a class that is already in session. It breaks students concentration and disrupts class (and is rude towards the instructor). Company classes will be observed at the teachers discretion. We ask that you observe from the observation areas at both studios, not the doorways. 

 Q U E S T I O N S   O R   C O N C E R N S

If you have any concerns, questions or comments, please feel free to email us or leave a note for your child's instructor.  Please, out of respect, do not approach teachers between classes or at the end of the evening.  They must start and end classes on time and have families to get home to after classes. 


Recital is the highlight of the year. After a student has worked hard all year, it is a feeling of personal accomplishment to perform on stage beautifully costumed before family and friends. This special stage experience will be an event that is sure to help any student boost confidence, poise, and personality for a lifetime. This large performance involves all students enrolled in the dance program. Confirmation of a student's participation in this event is requested by October because costume deposits are collected then. NO CREDITS, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON COSTUMES!
Our Recital is held in June with a mandatory dress rehearsal & 3 studio rehearsals.
Each class will be ordered a costume (tights and shoes not included). Deposits of $75.00 for each costume ($80.00 for company dancers) will be due in October. The balance, if there should be one, will be due in February/March. Backstage volunteers are greatly appreciated during the recital. Note: During the Fall semester, students with excessive absences ( more than 7 classes ) possibly precludes participation in the annual dance recital.


From time to time there will be information sent home with the students. Please read and keep these notes handy for easy reference. If you'd like to receive all RPDA notes and info via email, please provide our front desk with a good email.


There are no refunds, credits, reductions or transfers of classes missed by students or on costume fees.  In the event that a child is sick and cannot attend class, we ask that you call in and let the office know.  Missed classes may be made up in a similar level within two months of the missed class. Please check with your teacher for recommendations on a make-up time. You may withdraw from any or all classes at any time by giving written notice to the office manager, no later than the 10th of the month. If written notice is not received by the 10th, you are obligated to pay the month's tuition payment.


In case of severe weather such as snow & ice storms, tornado warnings, and floods, please check the studio website after 2:00 p.m. for possible class cancellations. Snow-Day class cancellations or Zoom classes are in accordance to Utica School District closings for a.m. classes. Check our website after 2:00 p.m. for studio closings and/or Zoom classes.


Each student must have a registration form on file at RPDA in order to dance. Please fill out the form and return it to the front desk signed.


Company students must be able to travel, raise funds, make a serious commitment to dance and a a serious commitment to their class mates, have strong parent involvement and be able to handle all aspects of "competition." This is by audition and teacher recommendation only. These students need to study technique along with their separate dance subjects. Our Entertaining / Competitive Dance Company competes regionally and every other year nationally, in dance and talent competitions. They also perform at functions and Fairs throughout the year.

Office Hours

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