RPDA Dress Code

CREATIVE MOVEMENT, BALLET AND POINTE CLASSES- Solid colored leotard, Minden pink tights, pink ballet shoes, no attached tutus or excess dance fluff for ages 8-Up. No shirts or cover-ups in class. Hair must be in a secure bun and no big jewelry. All students that are interested in taking pointe class must have permission from Mrs. Maria.  You must also present a doctors note before registering. Mrs. Maria will notify you when you are eligible and ready. 

JAZZ, LYRICAL, AND TAP CLASSES - Leotard, tights, fitted dance pants or dance shorts. Hair secured off of face. NO DANCE CAPRI'S OR BAGGY PANTS.

HIP-HOP, BREAK-DANCE, FITNESS, GYMNASTICS / TUMBLING, CHEER, AND POM-DANCE - Comfortable dance clothing. No jeans, no street shorts, and no baggy clothes in gymnastics or Pom-Dance.  Please, no outside street shoes. Hip-Hop students should purchase a clean sneaker that will be worn for class only (no outside shoes in the dance rooms).

DANCE SHOES - Important! Check with your teacher for proper fit before you wear your shoes in class. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and taps should have no more than a thumbs width for growth. Please consult with your teacher before purchasing Pointe shoes. When purchasing new Pointe shoes, please have the shoes fitted without toe pads (lambs wool would be best). The use of bulky toe pads inhibits proper manipulation of the feet in the shoes and feeling the floor. Although toe pads may be more "comfortable," settling into the shoe occurs rather than pulling up out of the shoe with the legs. Certain structural problems will be individually addressed if necessary. Do not sew ribbons on pointe shoes until teacher checks for proper fit.

Office Hours

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