Competitive vs. Non-      Competitive

What is the difference between a Competitive and a Non-Competitive Dancer?

First and foremost, dance is an art form. It is self expression through movement. During the past 60 + years dance has developed a "competitive" side. New competition/convention organizations enter the competition arena each year. To compete, a solo dancer strives for the "perfect" performance, attempting to execute "perfect" technique, exude "perfect" showmanship, etc. in an attempt to achieve the "perfect" score (or at the very least, beat the competition).   To compete in a duo, trio, or group,  one must strive for the "perfect" precision, identical make-up, costumes and hair, to name a few things. Competition is very rewarding to many dancers. However, other dancers feel just as accomplished and satisfied with the "art" side of dance without competing. Each dancer needs to determine for themselves what program (competitive or non-competitive) will give them the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment they seek.

At Rhythm Po!nte Dance Academy, we believe dance is for all ages and skill level. Our classes focus on training, with structured warm-ups, stretching and technique. Multiple routines are taught throughout the year with varied music styles to keep the dancers interest and expose them to the many sides of the art.  Dance is a form of exercise that benefits all who partake of it.  We believe that the pleasure of dancing is a lifetime enjoyment.

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