JUST A FEW OF the Classes we offer


( 2 1/2 - 3 years )

A thirty minute class designed to introduce young children to music and dance. Activities that emphasize the fun and excitement of discovering the world through movement. Children will enjoy the use of music, props, and poetry to develop basic motor and locomotor skills. Children must be out of diapers    ( Pull-ups are ok ). Two semesters strongly recommended.


( must have completed at least Ballet Grade I class, have teachers consent, and a doctors note )

Pointe training is available for dancers who have achieved a certain level of technical proficiency and physical maturity. Pointe students usually start at the age of 11 or 12, with extensive training, proper placement, turn out, alignment, and strength. Instructor will let student know when she is ready for Pointe work.


Learn the latest in hip-hop and street dance trends! RPDA has the smoothest Hip-Hop class in the area! Class includes warm-up followed by age-appropriate dance combinations to the latest Hip-Hop tracks. Emphasis is on developing individual style. A fun and fabulously funky dance class!


Lyrical is a very interpretive form of dancing which uses movements of ballet & jazz to tell a story with music. This class will help you express yourself in a way that you never have before! With the exception of Beginner lyrical dancers, a ballet class is strongly recommended when taking a lyrical or contemporary class.


( for 3-6 yr olds )

A forty-five minute dance class that consists of two different styles of dance. The emphasis in this class will be on developing rhythm and coordination along with learning new steps. Combo classes are designed to give the dancer a taste of two different styles of dance.


Classical Ballet
training is based upon the Cecchetti method, developed by Maestro Enrico Cecchetti.  Ballet, the basis of all dance forms, is a definite necessity for any aspiring dancer. This class is focused on developing strength, balance, technique, and proper body placement. You will learn to create flexibility through barre and floor work, while developing grace and learning terminology. Examinations are offered for serious students.


This is a highly spectacular sport in which a perfect combination of speed, rhythm, somersaulting, and twisting movements are performed.


We offer a variety of fitness classes and levels. From Therabands, to Body sculpting to dance & tone and Zumba!  We are currently running Strength/Stretch/Condition classes! Whether you are a beginner or a fitness buff, you should check these classes out!


A fun-filled dance class that incorporates ways to increase flexibility, learn new and classical jazz steps, ability to execute a progression of steps across the floor, and much more. This class is designed to be taken in progression; Students must have the instructor's permission to participate in Int or Adv Jazz. Two semesters suggested.


In this class you will act out a play or film with action and dialogue combined with dancing and singing and/or lip syncing.


Are you planning on trying out for the Dance Team? Or maybe you just enjoy the use of poms while dancing?!  This is a type of dance which includes turns, toe touches, split jumps, split leaps, and more, with sharp fast paced combinations incorporating the use of poms. (dance terminology taught)


Pop-n-lock, Slide, Windmills, Freezes, etc. This funky fresh style of dance, that originated in the 1980's, is back and more popular than ever!


Tap steps, rhythms, combinations, and more will be used to teach students how to develop rhythm and musicality in tap dance. Sometimes two semesters of a tap level will be recommended, as the curriculum includes full year's content.

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